Published July 26, 2019

Faith Marketplace Radio Looks to the GLS for Teaching & Inspiration


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Bob Lambert and Jennifer Villarreal, show hosts of AM1160’s Faith Marketplace, focus on inspiring, equipping and encouraging Christians in the marketplace. Both Bob and Jennifer have looked to The Global Leadership Summit for teaching, inspiration and resources to equip them for their roles in the media.

Global Leadership Network (GLN): You have both attended the Summit for a number of years. Have any particular speakers made an impact on your leadership?

Jennifer Villarreal: I attended my first GLS in 2014—the year Tyler Perry (GLS 2014) spoke. I watched several of his movies after the Summit and it was compelling to see how he incorporates a faith message in a non-conventional way to people who might not want to attend church or who wouldn’t ordinarily hear that message. I didn’t think his movies would send that kind of a message. I didn’t even know there was a message.

Bob Lambert: I’ve been attending the GLS for 22 years and have heard from the brightest minds in academia, business, government and ministry. One speaker who stands out for me is Ken Blanchard (GLS 1995, GLS 2000, GLS 2005), author of The One Minute Manager. He shared this prayer: “Take the ‘I’ out of me. Fill me with You and cloak me in humility.” It’s a prayer that asks God to help battle pride and I say that prayer to this day.

It’s impossible to go to the Summit and not walk away with at least one thing you can implement into your life or into your business that you can then pour into others.

Jennifer: I had just started my business and was encouraged to see how Tyler reaches a wider audience in unconventional ways. I’ve been able to lead people to the Lord in a non-conventional way. It’s something I never thought I’d be doing through business coaching.

Bob: At the Summit, I get to reconnect with people I’ve known for years. I also get to meet people who have successfully implemented leadership principles and aren’t just talking about it.

Jennifer: The Summit has been one of the ways I reach out to people. I always get two tickets and invite someone to come with me.

GLN: How do you make the most of what you learn at the Summit?

Jennifer: Because there is so much to learn, it can feel like content overload, but it doesn’t have to. I usually write down everything I learn and then make a list of everything I want to implement. I plug each one into my calendar along with any names that come to mind of whom I can reach out to get help with implementing the idea.

GLN: What would you say to someone who has never attended the Summit?

Jennifer: It’s impossible to go to the Summit and not walk away with at least one thing you can implement into your life or into your business that you can then pour into others.

Bob: The Summit gives you two days of consistent messages from top quality people. It will change and strengthen your leadership—no matter who you are or where you lead.

Bob LambertShow Promo for FaithMarketplace, is the founding partner of Samurai Business Group: Sales Management & Business Development Training for financial services, technology, manufacturing & distribution, and education. He also co-hosts Faith Marketplace radio show: to inspire, equip and encourage people in business.

Jennifer Villarreal knows what it’s like to be lost, lonely, and tired from spinning in circles not fully moving forward in life, business, and spiritually. This led her to serve entrepreneurs through her Unshakable Confidence Club and customized coaching business, Sales from the Heart, Inc. When she’s not coaching or co-hosting Faith Marketplace radio show, you can find Jennifer indulging in gourmet tacos, in prayer, or constantly looking after (ok, spoiling) her 3 dogs! To find out more about Jennifer’s workshops, coaching & mentoring, books, audio and video training programs, or to inquire about her availability as a speaker, contact her at 773-614-SALE (7253) or

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