Published December 8, 2020

Thank You! Your #GivingTuesday Impact on the Incarcerated


Because of the GLSCulturePrison

Your gifts given on #GivingTuesday help ignite transformation in the lives of the incarcerated, their families’ lives and their communities. Thank you for your support!

Here are just a few ways your gifts have made a difference!

…to read, study and discuss—the impact is spreading to others.

There is a multiplying impact to The Global Leadership Summit and the materials sent. For example, the Summit DVDs were used by me and a fellow teacher for a leadership course we taught on Saturdays open for everyone at the facility. It was amazing to see men willing to learn about being a leader. Men who have gone home write and tell us how they are applying what they learned in their lives. Praise God. Likewise, the books—to read, study and discuss—the impact is spreading to others. I even hear men sharing it with their family on telephone calls—like a mini devotional. It has grown from here to families at home! Thank you for impacting the lives of men and their families. God’s blessing on your ministry!

—Lane, GLS20 attendee and GLS materials gift recipient

GLS20 was amazing from start to finish. 15 years I’ve been incarcerated and I’ve never felt such joy, passion, inspiration, pain and motivation all at the same time. Thank you! I can’t wait for GLS21!

—Shawn, GLS20 attendee

…you show by your efforts in making the events available to us that you see us as Christ sees us—valuable.

One thing that has me in awe about The Global Leadership Summit is the outlook you carry—that including us prisoners in your mission is of great importance. Labeled as outcasts and menaces to society, you show by your efforts in making the events available to us that you see us as Christ sees us—valuable.

—Alejandro, GLS19 attendee at Heritage Trails Correctional Facility, U.S. 


Not only does the Summit provide important reminders about value and purpose, it also provides an opportunity for people to access, sometimes for the first time, a vision of themselves beyond their past mistakes while providing the leadership training and encouragement for a new path forward. In fact, 95% of incarcerated men and women are eventually released, so the Summit is an incredible opportunity for them to gain a new skill set for successful reentry.

Additionally, the Summit is proving to have an impact on prison culture.

Watch Dale DeNeal share what happened in his local prison when his church started hosting the GLS on location.

Thank you for helping us expand the GLS into 100+ prisons in 2021!

To learn more about how to get involved in the GLS Prison Program, whether personally, or through your church or organization, go to

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