Published November 29, 2020

Your Life is Valuable – A Message of Hope this #GivingTuesday


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I believe in second chances and giving men and women the opportunity to discover their intrinsic value and God-given purpose in our world. This is why I’m eager to share with you one of the things about The Global Leadership Summit that is dear to my heart—serving incarcerated men and women in prisons across the United States.  

It breaks my heart to think that many of the men and women living in the prison system may not have ever heard the words, “you have value” or “your life matters”.  

Not only does the Summit provide these important reminders, it also provides an opportunity for people to access, sometimes for the first time, a vision of themselves beyond their past mistakes while providing the leadership training and encouragement for a new path forward. In fact, 95% of incarcerated men and women are eventually released, so the Summit is an incredible opportunity for them to gain a new skill set for successful reentry. 

Labeled as outcasts and menaces to society, you show by your efforts in making the events available to us that you see us as Christ sees us—valuable.

One thing that has me in awe about The Global Leadership Summit is the outlook you carry—that including us prisoners in your mission is of great importance. Labeled as outcasts and menaces to society, you show by your efforts in making the events available to us that you see us as Christ sees us—valuable. Alejandro, GLS attendee at Heritage Trails Correctional Facility, U.S. 

Did you know that in 2020, the Summit was broadcast to more than 9,000 incarcerated men and women, even in the midst of the global health crisis?  

We’ve already received dozens of letters like the one from Alejandro, and the message is clear—the Summit helped them to experience grace and made them feel valued. The impact is far beyond what we anticipated or imagined. They share immeasurable gratitude to those of you who give to support this initiative, allowing them the opportunity to participate in the Summit each year. 

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday 

I want to invite you to donate specifically toward expanding The Global Leadership Summit in prisons across the United States this #GivingTuesday, December 1st. 

When you give toward this initiative, you ignite transformation in the lives of the incarcerated, their families lives and their communities. This year, gifts given on #GivingTuesday will go toward funding the expansion of the Summit in prisons, and supply prisons with leadership resources to help men and women grow throughout the year.  

  • $250 will supply one prison with a GLS20 faculty book library 
  • $500 will help cover print supplies for a prison audience 
  • $2,500 will bring the Summit to a new prison in 2021 
Learn More About #GivingTuesday >> 

What if we could expand the Summit into 100+ prisons in 2021?! Will you help us get there? 

About the Author
Danielle Strickland is a 2019 Global Leadership Summit Speaker.

Danielle Strickland

Pastor, Author

Justice Advocate

Danielle Strickland is currently based in Toronto, Canada. She loves Jesus and she loves people. She is the author of 6 books with her most recent being Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future. She is host of DJStrickland Podcast, ambassador for Stop the Traffik, as well as the co-founder of Infinitum, Amplify Peace, The Brave Campaign and the Women Speakers Collective. Danielle is a mom of 3, wife to @stephencourt and has been affectionately called the “ambassador of fun.”

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