Published November 17, 2015

My Grander Vision for Liberia | Reaching the Lost through Healthcare and Education



Samuel-200-200After attending the GLS in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Samuel Reeves, native to Liberia and Senior Pastor of the Historic Providence Baptist Church in Liberia, was inspired with a Grander Vision and decided to return to his home country. “I wanted to construct a one million dollar medical center, high school, and IT center in Liberia at the border with Sierra Leone in a city called Bo-Waterside, a city that is 99% Muslim. I wanted to use the facilities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of this region.”

According to the latest statistics, there are about four million inhabitants in Liberia of which 85% claim Christianity and 15% Islam. The Western region of the country, where Bo-Waterside is located, is predominantly Muslim, and right where Samuel dreamed to go once he returned home. Prior to returning to Liberia in 2005 to serve as the senior pastor, Samuel served as Co-pastor at Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan for nine years. While at Madison he attended the Summit every year. “The teaching on the Grander Vision and the time spent fasting and in prayer was used by the Lord to inspire me to give-up the pastorate at Madison Square and call me back to my home in Liberia to be the senior pastor.”

“My dream for Bo-Waterside is that it will become a Christian city” Samuel explains. “We are praying that this Medical Center becomes a state of the art facility and a great witness to the advancement of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Because he had been connected to the Christian community in Grand Rapids, he partnered with a foundation that helped fund his vision into a reality. The medical and education center has now been in full operation for the past four years. They’ve also planted a church in the area, and it continues to grow– There are 150 new Christians in the city as a result of this ministry. And all this happened as a result of one man attending the Summit and grasping onto a God given, grander vision to reach his country for Christ.

Samuel continues to be involved with the GLS in Liberia as a member of the organizing committee. He seeks to develop, empower, and inspire the next generation of leaders in Liberia in order to lead people to Christ. “In order to make a difference for the Lord as we lead, we must be a difference for the Lord. When God gives us a vision, he will provide the provision. We must be ready to take on the necessary risk, because God always walks beside us. Please pray for wisdom as we continue to lead and prepare the next generation of leaders.”

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