Published October 30, 2015

Faces of the Global Leadership Summit


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Every day we hear stories of leaders from around the world who are taking what they’ve learned at the Global Leadership Summit and applying it to their lives and their leadership. Here are just some of the stories we’ve heard:


Gareth 2“I’m a senior pastor of a church in a town close to Belfast in Northern Ireland. One of the biggest things for us to apply to our church is the whole culture of welcome, and the idea that your product is service.

Our dream is to impact our time, and beyond. It’s the message of Christ. I want people to feel that they are a part of that. The invitation of God is that we partner with him to impact his world, and so it’s helping people to understand that they are a part of it too.

My biggest challenge is staying on top of the leadership challenge. That’s the bit that I feel like I’m chasing my tail with sometimes. I’m trying to learn, and I’m trying to grow, and develop myself. My church is growing, and we’re reaching more people. And as we do that, the organization is more complex too. The challenge for me is to keep my leadership up to that challenge as the organization grows. I need to grow with that.”

– Gareth, GLS Attendee, Northern Ireland


Steve 3 “I’m trying to put together a company right now from scratch with a different twist to it – A Christian twist. When you’re in sales, there’s no such animal. That’s my ‘hedgehog’.”

– Steve, GLS Attendee, Chicago






Cassidy Finnegan 2“Brene Brown talked about how courage is so uncomfortable, and that’s why it’s so rare. I think moving into college is a big thing, and having to step out and meet new people – I hated doing that. That is a time I had to be strong and courageous – to be by myself, and then meet people.

As a result of stepping out, and being courageous, I gained a lot of friends, and I had an experience where God really helped me grow into who I was becoming as a person. He helped me to discover who I was, and how to develop further in my college experience.”

– Cassidy Finnegan, GLS Attendee, Chicago



How have you been impacted by the Summit?

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