Published December 18, 2017

Hope of the World: #1 Download on iTunes in Russia

Karagyan Karen, worship leader at Word of Life Church in Moscow, has a vision for the church in Russia. “Every Christian leader is in need of a revelation about the importance of a church community in their lives,” says Karagyan. “I believe Christians can become closer to one another and could understand the importance of not only the local church, but the global network of churches in the Kingdom as well.”

Inspiring a church leader in Russia through the GLS

Karagyan first discovered the GLS four years ago when his youth pastor suggested he listen to one of the speakers online. Immediately, he was hooked. “When I started looking through the messages from the GLS, I realized that this was exactly what I needed to equip me with much needed understanding and information as a leader,” says Karagyan. “I watched some of the messages at least five times, and shared them with my team at many of our retreats. Many of the visions and plans we have as a team were formed thanks to the messages we heard at the Summit!

“At the beginning of each new year, I’m inspired by the vision of our senior pastor, and look through the messages from the Summit and plan my year based on this view of leadership. For me, this is important because I know I need help becoming a better leader from day to day. I’m endlessly thankful that, after the Summit, there’s an opportunity to buy a DVD and receive wisdom from amazing leaders in an intimate setting with the Holy Spirit.”

A vision inspires music of revival

“I envision large amounts of lives that could be changed through a healthy local church,” says Karagyan. “I realized the church isn’t just a place where you can sign up for ‘clubs’ based on your interests, but a place where both Christians and non-Christians can find comfort and peace.

“I realized, the local Church is the hope of the world.”

In 2015, Karagyan was so inspired by these words that he wrote an album, Hope of the World.  To to his surprise, the album became the number one download on iTunes in Russia!

Listen to the song Hope of the World here:

“This message about the Church being the hope of the world has been heard by the Russian-speaking world, and as a result, has inspired a lot of young leaders to build their churches. We are witnessing a revival, which we are a part of, and we can hear the soundtrack to this revival. We dream of opening up a school of worship and sending out missionaries to strengthen the local church.

“I hope we will have more great Summit events in Russia!”

Lives changed through the Church in Russia

“One of the most inspiring things for me is to see people’s lives changed,” says Karagyan. “There’s no picture more beautiful than people giving their lives to God. I believe that it’s not only non-Christians who are in need of salvation, but also Christians who are battling with their call and are almost ready to walk away from God. That’s why I know that every Sunday during worship, God is changing the lives of Christians and non-Christians in our church.”

Here are the lyrics to Hope of the World, translated into English:

Verse 1:

Today is a new day, and again

I dedicate myself, God, to you!

This role now I decided to take –

I will be part of the hope of the world!

Verse  2:

I’m delighted that You give me a chance.

To be a living vessel in your hands

And every day to create more and more

Your Church is the hope of the world!

I give my love to You,

My talents and heart, God!

I’m faithful to Your Word

And before You I sing:


You are the hope of world, God!

Your church is here,

We are together again

We are gathered in your name!

We will together shine,

Sing to You, proclaim

Your kingdom on earth!

Verse 3:

I dedicate, God, all myself

To the role that you gave me!

I believe the Church will prosper,

Your church is the hope of the world!


Shall we shine together!

Shall we shine together!

Let us together shine for You!

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