Published January 17, 2018

This One Thing Turned a Skeptic into an Advocate for the GLS

When Janos Illessy, businessman in Hungary, first heard about The Global Leadership Summit, he was skeptical.

While President of CBMC Hungary, a Christian business organization, he met Ulf Osterland, the head of European operations for the GLS. When Ulf explained what the Summit was all about, Janos’ response was, “We’re going to have a conference and watch videos?” But as Ulf explained further, and showed him some of the content, Janos changed his mind.

Because of this one thing, Janos says, “I immediately realized this event, with both the practical and inspirational content, was going to have an impact on my country. I’ve seen it become a huge help for the business world and the Church world.

“On one hand, there are good leaders in Hungary, good business leaders, non-profit leaders and even some politicians, but they don’t necessarily have a sense of purpose. Is it power, money or fame? I see that there is a higher calling. Because of the GLS, these leaders are realizing they can have purpose.

“On the other hand, I also see church leaders who have purpose and spirit, but they don’t necessarily have the skills needed to accomplish their vision. Because of the GLS, they are developing their skills to advance the Kingdom.

“That is what GLS brings together—both the wonderful skills we can learn here, but more importantly the spirit, purpose and passion for a grander vision. This is the major contribution of GLS.”

As the GLS grows in Hungary, Janos has a vision to see more people come to know Jesus.

“Certainly my biggest discontent is for people to meet Jesus, not just come to church,” says Janos.  “It is my passion that people meet the Lord. Then they can become a pastor wherever they are, and they can become a leader wherever they are. As a result, more people can come to know Jesus.”

Janos is no longer a skeptic of the GLS. He’s become more involved on the organizing committee selecting speakers, being a facilitator and doing translation.

“I believe there are no accidents,” says Janos. “The fact that I ended up as a facilitator, as someone who is leading or participating in events, is not an accident. God wanted me to be here.

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