Published October 28, 2019

Raising My Voice So That No Woman Feels Alone

GLS Portugal teamThe Global Leadership Summit is a training like no other. It is a training of excellence and quality. And with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Summit awakens hidden dreams. It helps shy people like me raise their voice and overcome their fears. It encourages people to grow for the blessing of many and not only for ourselves.

Over the last 12 years I heard people like T.D. Jakes, Christine Caine, Blake Mycoskie, Danielle Strickland, and Gary Haugen. As a result of the Summit, I have seen so many ministries grow. I have seen God use people who began with simple ideas, but with the power of God, have blessed many.

I’ve learned that no matter your work or position, you have influence and you can lead. This means you can improve, motivate others, change the atmosphere around you, develop your creativity and always be an inspiration to others. Through the Summit, I’ve discovered my difference and how my difference adds value to people, my organization, my church, my city and my country. And I don’t have to wait for other’s resources or encouragement. I don’t even have to have the best contacts, I just have to pray and start because is the Holy Spirit is the one at work.

For me personally, the Summit was crucial to feed my determination and focus not to give up.

For me personally, the Summit was crucial to feed my determination and focus not to give up, as I felt challenged to write a devotional. In this devotional I share 40 meditations including biblical verses, challenges to pray and declare God’s promises and faithfulness. My book is an invitation to intimacy with the Creator. It is a way for me to use my voice so that no woman feels alone, trapped or afraid to raise her own voice.

The title Diary of a Happy Woman does not mean that I have everything I want or that everything goes well for me—it means that happiness begins in the daily time I have with my Creator and heavenly Father. He, who knows what completes me, fills and encourages me and wants to share with me every moment of my day, through His Holy Spirit. He also wants to be part of yours.

My dream is to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, and my vision is to take the Kingdom outside the doors of the Church, and Summit is a tool to help me do just that.

Today, my book is being sold at one of the biggest bookstores in Portugal, which is a dream come true, because it is not common for Christian books to be sold in secular stores in Portugal.

Elsa Pereira Book Cover

The Summit is a place for learning that I’m so grateful for. It has impacted my life deeply. Do not leave an opportunity to learn more and grow in your leadership potential.

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Elsa Pereira is a Christian sociologist working for a non-profit organization, Abla Portugal. As of 2019, she also serves on the Summit Steering Committee in Portugal. She is the author of, Diary of a Happy Woman and the mother of two.