Published March 13, 2017

A Small Business Credits the Summit for Growth and Nationally Recognized Culture

Todd Eichholz was looking for change.

As a businessman in commercial real estate, he began to wonder what God had in mind for his life. His heart stirred to lead a team, rather than trying to do everything on his own.

He began to ask God to direct his path, wondering if there was a way he could use business to do good, and give back.

Little did he know God was orchestrating a plan to breathe new life into his work, and the lives of the people Todd would lead.

God orchestrates a unique connection

It all started with a connection. While Todd began looking for new opportunities to use business to do good, Bob Olson, the owner of one of the contract companies Todd did business with regularly, was looking for a partner. It created a spark.

Bob, 75, and Todd, 35, were already great friends through doing business together, and after a long lunch, Todd joined Bob as co-owner of A&A Paving Contractors.

Knowing their new start together would require a good leadership foundation, Bob invited Todd to attend The Global Leadership Summit for the first time.

Through what they learned together, their business was turned upside down for the better.

“The GLS spoke right to my heart,” Todd shared. “It was like they knew everything I was struggling with and what I needed to do. It resonated with me, and I no longer felt alone. I was changed. The passion is contagious.”

Todd quickly became a regular attendee, taking in everything he could. “I implement everything I learn at the GLS,” Todd shared. “I also follow the GLSnext app. I read all the books. I watch all the videos. And they’ve not only impacted me, but my whole team, and even their families. ‘Everyone wins when a leader gets better!’”

The GLS inspires Kingdom impact in business

Bob and Todd have a perspective on their business unlike most other contract companies. A&A Paving is a Christian-run business with a focus on treating people fairly, and getting people involved in serving the community.

“It’s bigger than building parking lots,” Todd says. “Our staff and clients are our team, and our model for success starts with building a great culture—not just at work, but outside of work as well. We even set aside time once a month for our staff to volunteer at local non-profit organizations. And our people are all in!”

But before their culture could change, Todd was challenged at The GLS to make changes in himself.

“The first biggest thing I got out of The GLS was a message on creating margin in your life,” Todd explains. “I realized the importance of carving out time away from the business to give back to my family, and allow my team to give back to their families as well. I cut out the things in my work where my passion levels were low, and refocused that time on my family.

“As a result, I’ve never been more productive. And my family is doing better than we ever were before.”

Not only is Todd’s family happier, and he more productive at work, A&A Paving has tripled in size since he began attending the GLS!

In a business run with such a great culture, they’ve not only grown significantly, but they’ve also seen very low turnover. People want to work there because they like how Bob and Todd value culture, and always seek to improve through what they learn at The GLS and through leadership resources.

And this year, they won Contractor of the year award for their industry.

“There’s no way we could be where we are today without The GLS,” Todd says. “And I thank God for speaking to us through what we learn, and for continuing to walk with us on this journey.”

You owe it to yourself and your business to attend The GLS

Todd is volunteering his time at his local host site. He’s spreading the word, and hopes to invite 100 people from his local business network to attend, because he knows that when a leader gets better, everyone wins. He and Bob are also excited to get their team on board to sponsor a site in Mexico  in 2017. “We have been blessed by the GLS as a team, and we are excited about paying it forward to open a site in a new location and see the ripple effect of what God might do!” Todd exclaims.

“I would encourage everyone to go to The GLS,” Todd shares. “You owe it to yourself and your business. Give it a shot. This is one of the least expensive conferences in the world. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to attend conferences. The GLS is more than worth the (low) cost to attend.”

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