Published January 23, 2019

The 2018 Summit is a Win for the Gospel in Macedonia

The 2018 Global Leadership Summit in Macedonia was a huge win for the gospel!

With 708 tickets sold for the main event, we have increased the attendance by an incredible 128 percent since last year. It is almost difficult to believe that we started with 70 people six years ago.
And it is not only the numbers that are impressive. It is making Macedonia aware of a different approach to life, business, ministry and church. But most importantly, it is changing lives for Christ.

But most importantly, it is changing lives for Christ.

This is just one comment from one of our attendees:

Our new administrative assistant, Tamara, was deeply impacted by the GLS and the gospel presentation presented there. We had a time of praying in the office this morning and she joined in. Then she asked Jesus to forgive her and be her Lord. God is on the move! Tamara met Jesus today and got her first Bible!

The Skopje Gospel Choir was the icing of the Summit’s cake! The songs born in America a long time ago have the same volume of inspiration as when they were written. They help people experience the joy of salvation, the gift of redemption and our God who is with us in all hardships. Standing ovations and endless rounds of applause were a big thank you from all of the participants.

We are influencing a wider spectrum of society with the gospel than ever before!

I will be meeting with the key representatives in the education sector. They want to get to know us better and explore ways to cooperate. Businesses are also expressing gratitude. Non-profit organizations are inspired to grander visions. It’s having an impact!

Thank you! The Summit would not have been possible without your partnership with us in prayer and your giving. We are so grateful to have you as our partners in the Macedonian gospel revolution. Without you it would have been almost impossible to have this kind of a breakthrough. Much Love from Your Macedonians in Christ.

Thank you for helping us reach farther!

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Nikola Galevski

Nikola Galevski


Evangelical Church Soulcraft, Macedonia

Nikola Galevski planted a church and is the pastor of Evangelical Church Soulcraft in Macedonia, where just 0.3% of the population call themselves a Christian. Since 2013, he has championed The Global Leadership Summit in his country in hopes of reaching his country for the sake of Jesus and the gospel.