Thinking Forward: Third-Culture Leadership

Published May 12, 2015

Who are the real change agents of a culture? In this Summit session, Pastor Dave Gibbons argues that culture can be most impacted by those on the fringes of culture. We often expect culture to be impacted from an epicenter of power outward, but what if that’s not the Biblical perspective on cultural change? Dave Gibbons calls for leaders to adopt, what he calls, a third-culture leadership perspective.

About the Speaker(s)
Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons

Founder and Pastor

NewSong Church

Founder and Pastor of NewSong Church. Dave Gibbons passionately roams in three different global playgrounds: The first park is THE AWAKEN GROUP (THEAWAKENGROUP.COM), a consulting firm specializing in creativity, culture and innovation; the second park is a movement of churches not bound by geography that he calls “home” (NEWSONG.NET), throughout Southeast Asia, China, India, Korea, Mexico City, London, and North America. And lastly there is a crazy bunch of people in an organization called XEALOT that focuses on transforming marginalized communities through strategic leadership development and ideation ventures. Dave has written a book on culture and leadership based on an eastern parable called The Monkey and the Fish.

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