When Leaders Emerge: The Story of W.L. Gore and Associates

Published May 12, 2015


CollaborationLeading Others

CEO of W.L. Gore and Associates, Terri Kelly, talks with Jim Mellado about the influence culture can have on innovation. Establishing a culture that values risk, collaboration, and innovation, Terri Kelly focuses on the power of small teams and the cultural distinctives that make for a great organization.

About the Speaker(s)
Terry Kelly

Terry Kelli

President and CEO

W.L Gore & Associates

Terri Kelly is President and CEO of W.L. Gore & Associates, a multi-billion dollar enterprise often profiled for its unique leadership culture and organizational structure. A pioneer in adopting a non-hierarchical lattice-based management structure, Gore associates become leaders not based on appointed authority, but based on how many followers they attract. Kelly earned the title of President and CEO in 2005 following a peer-driven selection process.

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