Walking Through The Process of Pain

Published July 18, 2016


Leading YourselfResilience

We are hard-wired to avoid pain at all costs. But what if the greatest experiences in our leadership development come through walking through a process of pain? Brian Houston shares his insights into the process of pain and how to successfully travel this journey.

About the Speaker(s)
Brian Houston

Brian Houston

Founder and Global Senior Pastor

Hillsong Church

Brian Houston is senior pastor of Australia-based Hillsong Church, a global family of congregations comprising more than 100,000 weekly attendees. Regarded for his boldness, innovation and vision, he is passionate about the local church and empowering the next generation of leaders with fresh Biblical teaching, relevant worship and accessible community. He is also the President of Hillsong Bible College and the Executive Producer of more than 30 gold and platinum albums that have come from the Hillsong Worship team.

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